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  1. Key word here is unexpectedly - You did not prepare for this, so you have no winning lottery numbers or sports almanac. Using only your memory, knowledge and skills, how would you survive and/or benefit? The rules: If you were born on or before 1985, your past self still exists. Your clothing and any items on your person came back with you. There's no way back, ever. You cannot time travel again. When 2015 rolls back around, you don't time travel back to 1985; there's no time loops happening here.
  2. I have always felt that in some strange way I DO have control over the universe and events in my life and am somehow manipulating the way things unfold. Maybe control is not the right word but I feel connected to it and feel like I can manipulate it through thought. Now, obviously combinations of decisions somewhat determine my fate but I suspect that it goes deeper than that. For example, it seems like every time that I think of someone that I have not seen or spoken to in a while, I see them or they call. I have had this happen to me so many times that I can NOT simply write it off as coincidence. Last week I laid in bed on Tuesday night and thought intensely about someone that I haven't heard from or saw in a little over four years. The crazy thing is... she called the next day! I nearly flew out of my skin when I picked up the phone and it was her. Seriously, it was crazy. I then tried to play the lotto and concentrate on my numbers but that didn't work.. I didn't even get one number. Ever since I was a kid I can recall thinking about something or someone and then having the thoughts come to life in the near future. I do not mean to sound like a crazy person but I really am beginning to think that perhaps the way to achieve time travel is to just have more people believe that it is possible. Currently if you ask the average person what they think about time travel they will say something along the lines of, "you mean like back to the future?" I seriously believe that if more people only thought that it was possible.. it would probably come to be possible not long after. I remember on the second anniversary of 9-11 the lotto came out 911. Could that have been because soo many people were thinking, 9-11? coincidence? I doubt it and am leaning more toward creation. Any thoughts? Maybe we can start a "Time Travel just might be possible" campaign and then it might become a reality. has anyone had similar experiences where they thought about someone that they haven't saw on a long time only to hear from or see them soon after? A little freaked out, 1st
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