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  1. I am just a Beginner in physics my opinion is that if we use a nuclear reactor we fuse two nuclei together somehow if we fuse them it might create a miniature black hole you know if we nuclei are bombarded with each other at high speed and they collide with each other undergoing a fusion reaction now if we could apply gravity somehow or pressure enough to overcome the strong nuclear forces during that process of fusion it will result in creating a miniature black hole i guess we can change the direction of the spin by using a magnetic field because in a small black hole the particles around it loss their angular momentum (so there will be more magnetic field around the blackhole ) fewer than the large black hole so now small energy is transferred into the black hole corona as a result we can control the spin of the black hole by applying the external magnetic field now i dont know how to apply this all to what TITOR claimed but i can it might have something to do with it. SORRY IF IT ALL WAS OUT OF TOPIC I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT THE MODEL OF TIME MACHINE OF THE TITOR BUT I WILL APPRECIATE IT IF SOMEONE WILL GIVE ME THE DETAILS.
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