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  1. Well hopefully that future is not too distant.
  2. Ok then. I get it. I'm sorry to bother you. I'll let it go. I don't get why a skeptic would even join a site like this but whatever. I'll try to move on
  3. I need to go back to 2006. I don't want to alter history I just need to get a message to my younger self. Please message me for details if you can help.I'm willing to provide compensation.
  4. If I could assimilate the benefits after I died that's fine but I'd never murder myself. Aging 10 years wouldn't bother me. I wouldn't do anything to significantly alter history. If someone were willing to help me I would explain what I wanted to say.
  5. You wouldn't understand if I told you the details but I need to get a message to my younger self.
  6. I need to go back to 2006. Can you help?
  7. Then where has everyone else on these forums been time traveling to? There's one here that starts in 2006!
  8. I need to go back to 2006. If someone could help me I'd really appreciate it. I'm willing to compensate if necessary.Please Message me ASAP if you can help.
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