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  1. Can you help me to send message to the past of me before 2014? Just for my health.
  2. Nope, read my P.M to you @Cosmo you snivelling little weasel, please carry out your threat and remove my account and posts, pronto. The attempted hacking of my computer via this forum is absolutely tiresome, as I've said before this forum is the internet equivalent of a wild west saloon. Everytime I make the mistake of visiting this forum I feel the need to don a stetson.
  3. @Gpa I welcome your questions and would love to furnish you a reply. But I'm sorry to say on this forum my comments are moderated. I would hate to sit typing out a lengthy reply only to be found its not approved. You would have thought looking at some of the remarks approved for inclusion to this thread that this wasn't the case.
  4. Hello fellow readers, I am now on the ghastly social media site, where needs must. It so I can reach a larger audience, if your on facebook then drop me a P.M with your account details.
  5. At last got a picture up of the Bristol Array that permits time travel to occur. It pictured here at full power. [missing attachment]
  6. Its almost impossible to load pictures on this forum.
  7. Well here is a glimpse of the Bristol Array that permits time travel to occur at full power.
  8. I posted this picture which is a initial photo of my temporal manipulation device on another forum, its simply a compact version of John's with a couple of upgrades, active camouflage function, quantum mechanical computer with pseudo telepathic communication and a stasis function. [missing attachment]
  9. I'm constantly receive private messages requesting help change, with I can't for the following reason. Dimension Theory Of Temporal Travel (Fact) This was explained by a technician to me along these lines, that for every decision or action that’s made, the alternative is played out in another reality. The technician went on to explain in the most simplest of terms whats usually called Donald Duck talk. That the act of simply travelling back in time creates a new “world-line”, distinct from the one from which you left. So by going back in time you can change events but those changes wont effect you all the world-line you came from. You just prevent another version of yourself from a (lag reality) undergoing the experience. However the Dimension Theory Of Temporal Travel (DTOTT) does means there are already versions of yourself that haven’t undergone the experience you want to change. This only occurs when going backwards physically in time, viewing the past or going forward in time you can avoid divergence.
  10. I am back from the wildness
  11. [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=5][COLOR=#0000ff][I]They are all coming out of the woodwork and the latest dullard to crawl out is @John Titor 2 [/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  12. I will not be returning to this forum until the label branding me a hoaxer is promptly removed.
  13. Dear readers of mine, I will not be returning to this forum until the label branding me a hoaxer is promptly removed from one of my other threads.
  14. Certainly @PaulaJedi is a paid detractor and the user calling himself @Einstein as already mentioned is criticizing my comments based on dime store comic book physics. You could have remove the "serious claim" label, but you chose instead to label my thread a confirmed hoax, therefore labelling me a hoaxer. I will not be returning to this forum until the label is promptly removed. Lastly as for providing something of substance, I would have by now if I've been tied up by responding to energy sapping trolls and paid detractor.
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