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    Veerry Pretty, but unfortunately does not support the dimensional conjecture to only 8 dimensions
  2. David


    The supposition is on based a compact Weyl Group under a toroidal group for that making an automorphisn and the 2 conjugate form of the twisted Galois cohomology , this is a non-Higgsian state of an un-broken gauge field as illustrated in the diagram. he assumed a translation of frame to the “Higgs direction” without actually the symmetry breaking of the gauge bosons and no explanation of the caloron shift among the quark states. He is given to fancy in that there is not a clear result of un-broken gauge symmetry that would need to be explained first for the E8 field and by they way, he did not include the 3 dimension that he is in in order to make 8th dimensional making this arguement in 11 dimensions not 8
  3. I am sorry that you do not possess a limited set of skills when it comes to how an automobile works, but there is a intake manifold and an exhaust manifold, they are not the same even under analogy. Barometrics better defines a fluid structure of space as a function of pressure than this term (space-time dissolution fluid of mass.) Dr Strangelove is fanciful Computer Generated gimmickry and has no bearing in this level of physics . I find it hard to see how a kaleidoscopic visual effects apply to 3-dimensional reality. I think this still would need some work on the theoretical side
  4. There is a concern that there may not be enough ‘gas’ in your car analogy to make the trip so to speak and is the (bookkeeper time scalar into a physical vector)fluid* the intake manifold, is it the exhaust I dunno. I think mass and matter are the same thing, so the oranges pulp and the juice would be the same. this would need a bit of tweaking, to make sense to me
  5. How did food get into your analogy?, the example of apples and oranges let alone make juice out of them is totally off base. There is not need to reclassify what is absolute
  6. Not quite , We are working with velocities at or close to the speed of light, so that all matter, whether they may be atomic quantum state or any macro state are governed by the same laws of all matter at this velocity ©. The fluid dynamics of free space are only seen at this speed within a 99.98% of the velocity. Question was regarding Super-Fluid space which should be synonymous with Super Fluid Vacuum , In a Super Fluid Vacuum the fundamental Quantum Mechanic are non- removable for the Background of space time so that ground state approximation are with a range to large to be considered for a length contraction l` = l/(1-(v^2/c^2)) ^(1/2) of the reference frame the velocity of the moving frame and the speed of light c are instantaneous to the relative to the Background. the E^8 =E^8 is an identity and there is no energy manifold that would be at an exponential to itself? the summation of the photon limit would as a momentum as it propagates at or around E^2
  7. Gamma, Alpha, Beta all need time my friend , you may meditate on the translation of the frames of reference of the observer to the traveler at relativistic velocities. The inference regarding your inquire is that we are working in a velocity free space in which subatomic reactions and decay rates would effect the vacuum of free space to actual apply a Newtonian transition of the travelers at the speed near the speed of light?
  8. The “liquid” of this Superfluid space theory , is the interaction mass with the background, due inequalities in between the inertial mass of the moving object and the barycentric medium formed by the background the oscillations are not at the second derivative of the acceleration which would be Newtonian and minimal at any velocities less than the speed of light. but as the object approaches the velocity c, (relativistic) the density of the virtual matter becomes equaled to that of the inertial mass and would increase the total mass less than c and would be considered as a Superfluid vacuum limit E^2 adhoc to the mean vector of p^2. under a curved space limit it would be listed in a many-body quantum reaction along the curvature and under the this condition, the invariance takes on some unique properties indeed
  9. Historical conjecture with alternate Universes is the alteration occurs along the timeline only not to the Universe. the sub-atomic processes does not allow a creation of extra matter for an alteration in the timeline and there are hierarchical predominance to the integrity of the temporal dynamic the would not be less than abelian to all dimension processes and there would be a differences of opinion regarding Epidemic modeling and Options trading in usage of future modeling
  10. There is a need to provide data that came be repeated in a actual experiment or project and neither has provided either
  11. Food of this nature for thought could result in intellectual malnutrition, Fallacy implies faulty reasoning regardless the construct of time. to pose, Future trading is a fallacy, future epidemic disease predication with in a certain percentile is a fallacy, Economist productions regarding future interest rates are a fallacy, Insurance actuary computing premiums base on future performance prediction is a fallacy, Sorry my friend there are too many tangible processes in a every day world which are based on the Future, which you would consider a fallacy, I think your food for thought needs more carbs, proteins and minerals so to speak
  12. This would only regarding travels to the PAST, there in all reality be no regrets on FUTURE events
  13. Hey, What did the past second of time say to the future second of time, WHAT TIME IS IT !!! LOL
  14. The guy is in need of anti-anxiety meds, Mallet’s work has never come to completion showing any relevant results, just a lot of promises, I thinks this cat is same but in a different alley in the same neighborhood
  15. Thanks :D, related to the discipline, there is an urban legend that CERN discovered particle synthesis, through the studies of sub-atomic matter, Quarkonium and when the NSA found out they alerted the GSA who threaten to cut the research funding unless CERN sign a mutual disclosure stating that they will never disclose the discovery!!!, Now something liked that has my mind doing Lorentz loops, LOL
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