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  1. Oh look, they found who the 1928 time traveler was talking with ; another time traveler with cell phone in 1938. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV5GPfaTE5I
  2. The percentage of people that seem to be OK with the training exercise is much greater than those who are not. I would say most Texans as a whole are "very" supportive of our men and women in the military. And the military people did ask the county commissioners for permission to conduct the training, as were the private land owners. Gov. Abbott did call out the State Guard to keep an eye on the participants of the Jade Helm exercise. However, that was probably a psychological maneuver being done to calm the nervous people down, like the folks in the militias who have decided to conduct their own exercises at the same time as Jade Helm. But then again, strange event that was there in Waco. The response from the Bandidos? That puts a wrinkle in the ranch....
  3. Whew , it's getting wild around these parts Nothing like the Waco police making one of the largest Motorcycle Clubs angry. Gee Whiz, glad the military is going to be around conducting 'exercises'.
  4. A classroom project ? Seems that some of the items provided as proof were fairly complex for one or two High School students.
  5. You mean like checking out 'that' book from the library on a subject you obviously loathe, and then choose to re-read 'that' book over and over again? And joining a 'that' book club to whine and cry all the time about 'that' book for years when you could just take your butt back to the library, turn in 'that' book and check out a NEW one?
  6. Lyndzee Grummomd was a female time traveler claimant. And I believe that Zeshua was also a woman, but being a construct of Peter Novak not sure if Zeshua counts. I believe there may be more, but don't remember them. Although the claimants can travel through time, they seem to be a bit lacking here and there ; like being astonished when proof is demanded by the members here. I would think reading what you're getting into before making a claim would be a good idea.
  7. oops...wrong thread... you started this one; http://timetravelinstitute.com/threads/jade-helm-15.10196/#post-88322 Hmm, yeah, whoops. :whistle: We use to be able to have sub-titles for a thread. Automatically saw it that way. Sorry about that Paula Taylor Swift to a Texan ...lordy you are mean. :'( I did delete the smarty pants dance video and seriously considered posting a Rolling Stones song instead, you got me though, wrong cloud. ..................................... I'm standing by what I wrote about any store that has a positive cash flow. There isn't any reason to close the store for improvements if it is working. The only time I've seen any stores close for "improvements" is because the sales were declining. For repairs requiring closure of the store , such an event wouldn't take the employee's by surprise. The company claims that the Midland, TEXAS store had 100 to 150 plumbing issues, yet no one has seen a plumber, nor have WE ever seen any indications of any such plumbing issues prior to the closure. Based on my own experience as a retail manager, closing those stores because of labor costs could easily be the real issue. Do you think that any company would publicly proclaim , "We are closing 5 stores today . without prior notice, because the workers in those stores make too much money. Time to hire new employee's who we can pay less ! " It also makes sense that Walmart would proclaim that they are going to raise the minimum wage it pays employee's, then make adjustments to account for the wage increases. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if more stores end up with "maintenance issues", and are closed. I tend to have a dry sense of humor that usually gets missed as such, so can understand. Although conspiracy theories can change like sand in the wind, they do help to keep people vigilant. That in itself I don't think is a bad thing. Getting into a panic about a theory - I agree is not a good thing. With Jade Helm, even as a benign exercise, seems that more effort would have been made to make the public aware of what was taking place. Again, living in Texas, nearby some of the locations of these exercises, didn't hear a word about it except through a conspiracy theory website. And it was something to definitely discuss with my neighbors. With the Walmart closures, I believe Raquel said it best...
  8. Usually, the only reason why any major retailer closes any store is when it is no longer profitable. As long as any retail operation is bringing in a positive cash flow, only a complete building collapse would cause it to close. "Channel 8 in Brandon, Florida, looked into the claimed plumbing repairs and found it was a fictional cover story. "...8 On Your Side has found no paperwork and no work done on the plumbing," reports WFLA. "According to Hillsborough County, Walmart didn't notify the county's permit department either. No one there has heard a peep from Walmart about any major repairs." The news outlet goes on to report: " On Tuesday, 8 On Your Side stopped by the Walmart, and found no plumber in sight at the Brandon Supercenter, just hundreds of confused and concerned customers. " And so it goes with the other Walmart stores that were closed "for plumbing reasons". The stores were probably closed to make a point, and any loss of revenue will be negligible compared to the money saved by scaring the other employee's from trying to unionize or push for higher wages. Now, as far as Jade Helm, were you aware that U.N. troops and other foreign soldiers are participating in the "exercises"? One reason why I don't think that Jade Helm will result in anything "bad" happening, is because of Hillary. If she is denied her chance to become president of these United States in 2017, oh my. :eek: As a side note, I started this thread, and will enjoy discussing conspiracies if I want too. In response to your "meanie" post, it was a toss up between the Smarty Pants Dance video, or Hey, Hey, you, you...Get Off of My Cloud. Now back to enjoying the severe thunderstorms we're having here as created by those DARPA folks up at HAARP.
  9. Actually the closing of retail operations in such a manner is unusual. Even though the closings don't have anything to do with Jade Helm ( maybe ), still was financially motivated trickery.
  10. IF there was going to be a 'real' ( not training exercise ) military operation within the U.S., how would you achieve your goal http://american3rdposition.com/wp-content/uploads/Jade-Helm-Martial-Law-WW3-Prep-Document-1.pdf
  11. What will the recourse be if the 'practicing' troops get fired upon by scared citizens? And don't know about you, but having soldiers roaming around my property isn't something would allow without protest. Trespassing on private property is very much frowned upon here in the Texas countryside, and am sure that there will be quite a few folks just like the guy in the video --- and that's scary all by itself. As you pointed out, trust levels are very low and something I can guarantee is that there will be a lot of wary, armed Texans watching this thing very closely. In other words, this is like having a smoke while sitting on a leaky keg of gun powder. Ya hope it don't blow up, but.....
  12. Anyone else heard about Operation Jade Helm ( Master the Human Domain )? http://www.truthandaction.org/operation-jade-helm-massive-military-drill-across-7-states-unconventional-warfare/ Any information y'all can find out please post. Supposed to start on July 15th, 2015 and run through Sept. 11th, 2015. You can find numerous YouTube video's with people talking about this multi-state military "training" exercise. Yes, mostly made by conspiracy theorists, however, how do you feel about such an exercise? Texas cities scheduled to host military exercises this summer are: Bastrop/Smithville, Big Spring, Caddo Lake, Caldwell, Christoval, College Station, Dell City, Eldorado, Goliad, Junction, Leakey, Menard, Mountain Home, San Angelo, San Antonio and Victoria. Don't know where in the other states involved. An Army document explaining the exercise said Texas was selected "because Texans are historically supportive of efforts to prepare our soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors to fight enemis of the United States." It also said the Army plans "to work with civilians to gain their trust and an understanding of the issues." Jade Helm will also be conducted simultaneously across six other southwestern states. Apparently additional states have been added into this exercise. And there's lots of folks just like the guy in the following video that got me to wondering ..what will happen if folks do decide to fight? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2NauQzirzE
  13. Would deception be considered the same as lying? Thinking of bears that charge, then seemingly run away, when in fact they're circling around to attack from a different direction.
  14. UFO means "Unidentified Flying Object", so would the Moon actually be a MOO ? Misidentified Orbiting Object.
  15. Did as you suggested, refreshed and both computers are the same now.
  16. I see a difference between my laptop and a desktop computer. They both are running Google Chrome. However, the Desktop computer is using Windows 7, the Laptop is using Windows 8. Would that cause a difference ?
  17. Care to share which civilization worshiped lightening as a god?
  18. Oh I don't know , somebody with Dissociative Identity Disorder might disagree with that statement. Maybe some of the identities of the disorder actually are trapped time travelers. :geek:
  19. As an addendum to RainmanTimes' post : The God? Thread covered more than just questioning the existence of God. The thread also presents as a premise that ancient writings contain hidden messages / knowledge and that there can be an evolution of theological - occult ideology into practical scientific foundations.
  20. lol. I'm done with this discussion, Einstein.
  21. Um, when was the Michelson-Morley experiment conducted Einstein ?
  22. On the "Science is just a guess" topic, especially the part about the Earth being stationary, Seems to me that if the Sun orbited the Earth the gravitational effects would produce entirely different results - based on mathematical calculations with the other "observable" objects in the solar system. And as visually confirmed by the use of Voyager and Cassini space craft. Or is that all not scientific enough ?
  23. There is a "hard science" section, why not use that? Maybe even expand that section to make it more attractive to the members seeking more serious scientific discussions.
  24. Can use all kinds of stuff to make a time capsule's. A railroad worker had placed a note in a .50 Caliber bullet casing in 1956. During one of the trips out to the Mojave, we found it in 1979. The note had his name, a little bit about him and his address on it. The bullet casing counts as a time capsule. Fortunately, the desert environment and how the casing was placed helped it to survive. Myself and the other researcher with me, we added our name's and addresses onto the note and put it back as we found it. Wonder to this day if it is still there. Think anything with space inside would cause someone to look inside. Looking at the time capsules on-line, see the prices ? Hundreds to thousands of dollars. Boo ! With ABS can easily make a capsule for less than 40 bucks. And would be easy to customize. If you wanted to extract the air out of the tube, drilling a hole for a valve is easily accomplished. If you used a stainless steel capsule, drilling a hole through that can be quite a task. The seal with ABS pipe and caps would remain intact if done correctly. The way the ABS glue works is by melting the separate pieces together. Although it would be possible for the seal around the valve to fail. Duct tape for insurance ?
  25. Late 1970's, early 80's I was involved with an archaeological project in the Mojave Desert ; locating and recording as many petroglyphs as possible. A percentage of the inscriptions were estimated to be approx. 12,000 years old. Posting here on Time Travel Institute, got me to thinking about those inscriptions and time travel. How I could create something like those inscriptions that could potentially last just as long? In working out the details, ruled out carving messages in rock (maybe). While wandering around in the local hardware store, saw the ABS pipe, and had an "ah ha" moment. Don't think the ABS capsules will last 12,000 years, however, they certainly would last more than 20. That is something I have been pondering - is how to make the capsules and the message(s) last as long as possible. Perhaps into the thousands of years. IF there are time travelers some day, seems reasonable that having a friend in the past would be a benefit. And even if there isn't time travel in the distant future, still would be awesome to have someone find my capsules, and wonder who I was, just as I wondered the same about the person that carved messages into rock 12,000 years ago.
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