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  1. My goal this week is to get some changelog threads going which auto-update each time something is rescued from The Chronovisor. We need a way for that stuff to float to the top, since it's restored with its original date... And that stuff obviously sinks to the bottom.

    Last wee I built out the rest of the framework for additional Chronovisor projects and put together the listing pages. SOME of our project's sources are now browsable here:


    (A few are still waiting on data imports)

    1. Mayhem


      Any more updates Cosmo?

    2. Cosmo



      Ha! Not yet. Works' got me busy developing some stuff and I've got a deadline to meet. I could have worse problems though 🙂 It will probably another week or two, but I'll get back to it. The project I'm working on gave me some nice ideas to implement here.

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