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    I've been pretty quiet for the past couple weeks because we're in SELL ALL THE THINGS mode and making final preparations for our move to the west coast. We're about to sell our car, our house is about halfway empty and everything is just a bit chaotic ;) Blog updates and whatnot will be slow for a little while longer, but I at least wanted to pop in and let you know that I've not forgotten about Curious Cosmos and that we'll be back to normal here in a few more weeks. In the meantime, a HUGE thanks to @PaulaJedi and @KerrTexas for picking up my slack. If you need to contact me directly though, feel free to drop me a PM!
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    "Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.." We have forums for time travel in books, film, and TV... but nothing for music? WTF? :lol: LOL Pink Floyd's music is timeless. And anyone who wants to argue that point with me can just go stuff it, because they clearly have not spent enough time listening to the genius of their music across the decades. Lots of artists produce music that is clearly dated. It sounded great at a certain TIME, but once outside that TIME, its luster is lost. There are so many Floyd songs that demonstrate precisely how timeless their music is. But, not coincidentally, perhaps the best song to exhibit this is nothing other than TIME itself! :cool: David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason..... I AM SO NOT WORTHY! :notworthy: So go ahead....dig up your favorite Floyd song, listen to it, go over its lyrics in detail. And if you think it shows evidence of being timeless music, then offer it here in this thread as part of my "claim" that Pink Floyd (which is not a single person, but a collaborative invocation of the souls of many artists) are time travelers! :whistle: :thumbsup: RMT
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    Learn stuff for free :D Find Courses by Topic | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials
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    I especially like the analog "interference screen" segments they added into the video. This despite the fact that you can clearly tell they used a digital camera for filming because of the discrete levels of color wash in the low light shots. [ATTACH=full]433[/ATTACH] Heck, they didn't even do a very good job of faking the analog interference pattern! Sorry. Now that we are in the digital recording and broadcasting age, you don't see artifacts like this. What you would see is digital tiling, just as you see on your satellite TV when it rains really hard. People who are going to hoax, or attempt to make convincing SciFi, really need to either bone up on their technology, or hire someone who knows this stuff. SMH RMT
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    I do believe John and a few others and their reports of inside information the have received. Back in 1959 I reported seeing several saucers and got a visit from a man in black and two air force men. They told me to remain silent and that the government will soon tell the American people the truth. Remember that was back in 1959! No joy thus far?
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    So everyone gets colds and the sniffles every so often, right? Everyone is miserable, has to take time off work or school, pollute our system with medications that make us feel funny, and hope that we feel better asap. What if I told you that an Austrian scientist, Rudolf Valenta, has created a vaccine for the common cold and it could be on the market in less than a decade!?! Rudolf Valenta is even to the point where he has registered a patent and is working on selecting the most viable candidate for testing. This development could be exciting and significant since Valenta is confident that he has figured out a way to block the human rhinovirus with a vaccine. Check out the science behind it and the article: A Scientist Just Registered a Patent for a Common Cold Vaccine I can see this as a good thing and a bad thing for our immune systems overall, but am interested to see how the human trials go and if it will work. Let me hear your thoughts!
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    First thing that drew me into this story was the presence of the number 23. I've researched the 23 enigma and experience the effects of it on a daily basis. Second, it made me think of the story of the man who gets a letter from himself in the future, and has to live out his days until he gets to the date in the future again, and sends the letter...a loop. Perhaps that is what is going in this tale. The author is taking us through a loop.
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    Great post, can't wait for the others :)
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    Kristen Caldwell is also possibly another Pence: The FRONTLINE Interview: Kristen Caldwell – The Choice 2012 - FRONTLINE
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    His explanations are interesting. The physics of time travel has come a long way in recent times. It could possibly explain the mandela effect. It's interesting that he would mention google tango, yet no word of the D-Wave. From that video, I would say that I am very skeptical that it was titor. He did have an interesting story to his name. Javier Cortez once told me his name stood for something similar. The explanation for the model number for the time displacement unit is fascinating. It brings up so many questions and thoughts. It was highly entertaining to say the least. I will have to start watching this show. PaulaJedi, you sound nothing like i thought you would! I have a question for your friend that can easily verify if he is the actual titor. What was his username on art bells old p2p forums? Very few people have that information. If he doesent want to answer that, he could give the first name of the owner of the [email protected] email. I can verify either one. I plan on writing a small essay on the physics of the c204 unit when time permits. Hopefully it will be something that fans of all types will enjoy!
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    Looks like we made it out of the conversion safe and sound! I'll be adjusting things with the software and setting up a few store products and whatnot; please feel free to look around and get some fodder for the email blast.
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    Is that a confession? Did you discover how to time travel? How dare you hold back from is, Martian! Do tell. :X3:
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    Out here in the Wild West that is TTI, we try to give people the wide open spaces they need to set up their claims, then enough lasso to hang themselves when it completely falls apart. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a shining example of how NOT to claim to be a time traveler. For those of you playing at home, here's a few hints on how not to fail so completely that you effectively end up banning yourself: Use correct grammar and punctuation. It's 2016, we have the internet and there are a wealth of tools to both get your point across articulately AND help disguise your writing style. Grammarly is a great one. Be polite. Follow the rules of the forum and be respectful towards the community and its staff. If you're the one being pleasant, open and kind, guess what happens to the people trying to deconstruct your claims in anything less than a civil manner? That's right, they get moderated, probably warned, and sometimes even removed from the conversation. Post something compelling and attention-grabbing with your first post. Short, rapid-fire and nonsensical posts about how established science is wrong and you're carrying a micro-singularity around in a little box with caution tape poorly applied to the side just doesn't cut it anymore. Get creative. If you're going to take the risk in posting photos, at least make sure they're big enough to warrant a second look. Stripping the EXIF data from your photos is all well and good, but when your photos become smaller than the avatars here, it's time to re-evaluate what it is you're providing as proof. Also, don't make your second photo one that looks like it was the result of 3 minutes spent pushing a bunch of low-watt desk lamps together. When corresponding privately with the staff because you can't figure out how to upload images from behind your proxy that inexplicably routes through Pakistan, don't resort to name-calling and insane, unreadable accusations when the webmaster tries to find out what browser and OS you're using in order to try help troubleshoot the problem. Don't stalk the staff members. Sure, they might be friendly and want to discuss things with you here and on other forums, but taking steps to invade their private lives is a big no-no and just makes you look like a creeper. Be positive. The doom and gloom claimants are a dime a dozen. Have something enlightening and thought provoking to say. You started out poorly, stuck around long enough to get noticed but then took a big ol' nosedive right off the credibility cliff. Guess that's just the way it goes here in the Wild Wild West.
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    Thank-you Nicolas ! It's good to see you again. :)
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    Hey! Thanks for considering the original thread. Many didn't 😞 Anyways, about pamela: a while back, I met someone in this forum that gave me a different insight on her. He allegedly had information on her identity, which to me was never relevant to the whole thing. Your insight makes sense though. Specially the "made her feel important" part. I see this easily happening. 👍
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    Wow. For those of you who have interest in this part of modern history, follow this link to read FBI's source describing how Hitler arrived in Argentina via submarine. I have read only a few pages so there's a whole lot more to it. Let me get back at it.
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    Hav.ing.my.thr.ead.and.fol.low.ing.pos.ts.ig.nor.ed Reason undefined 1.Causes sadness and frustration on OP 😞
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    You bring up an interesting question. Science has indeed proven that time travel at a faster rate (but not instantaneously) into the future is indeed possible, resulting in the need for re-calibrating the time clocks on GPS satellites. There is a Russian cosmonaut who, over the course of his space travels, has gone a combined 2 hundredths of a second into the future through "Time Dilation". The most promising possibility of travel to the past that scientists have come up with seems to be the possibility of particles traveling through a wormhole. This would seem to suggest that both the past and future do indeed "exist".
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    At least tti isn't drowning in ads... :cautious:
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    http://www.jim-sparks.com/ http://projectcamelotportal.com/donate [ATTACH=full]360[/ATTACH] Never mind the meme. I dunno about this. I'm expecting a higher level of severity and obsession from the guy who discovered the ultimate truth™. He's selling paper back books and making speaking appearances, and that's fine if you're Tony Robbins. If he's the one guy who knows for a fact that aliens AND time travel are real, and his life has been touched by both personally. Maybe it's not all that fantastic. Maybe he has great coping skills and an solid entrepreneurial spirit. Or maybe he's just full of shit.
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    Hello, I'm Dani, a 26 year old girl from Eastern Europe. I'm very keen on time traveling, it has been one of my interests ever since I was a child. It's very nice to find a community of people with the same interest and I hope to fit in well. In a sense, we are all time travels, we just can't go back, only forward, don't you think so?
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    Mind boggling indeed. I'll have to add, how would you even say that you are the same person when you were younger? I have been in quite a life through the years that I can't say I'm the same as my toddler self. It's not because of the amount of knowledge I have now, it's who I choose to become. If we say this is true that I am different from who I was back then, therefore we have to say that our soul is different on each thin timeslice. What I'm saying is, the soul might not be restraint by time, otherwise this would be the case. I think that soul resides in a different dimension that is out of the reach of space time, and it interacts with our mind so we can have consciousness and such. Maybe personalities are a product of the mind? I mean personalities are affected by time as well.
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    Yuh know Ray, I think we can resolve this problem. We set up a manned mission to Mars, see. We put 'ol einsatein in the capsule and in all of our calculations we make Earth the semi stationary center of the "solar" system, see. Then we launch 'im. In so doing we can resolve the issue of two threads, actually. We'll give einstein an all-day sucker and pack a him a large lunch because he's going to be on this trip to Mars for a "while". In so doing we resolve the issue of this thread: Earth is obviously not the center of the solar system. In the bonus round we also get to resolve the issue of "does infinity exist" because that's how long it will take for him to arrive on Mars. (Apologies to einstein for the sucker and lunch...they aren't infinite.) Oh, wait! Crap! You mean that when we launch "things" into space we have to know the actual angular orbital velocity of both the launch site and target if we actually want to hit the target? Someone...Kepler?...worked our orbital mechanics 400 years ago? Damn. 😉 Yikes! A body (the Sun) with a mass of 2x10^30 kg orbits about a central object (Earth) that only has a mass of 6x10^24 kg, i.e. the object that is 333,000 times more massive orbits the Earth at a distance of almost 100 million miles? Kaku is correct. Every village has an idiot and America is raising up a whole lot of villages. And I think that there's more than one idiot per village. There's equal evidence for both arguments, indeed. Gawd almighty help us all. We are doomed.
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    Paula, This entire post is a misdirection. Ray never directly or indirectly stated or suggested that Temporal Recon was a "shady" or dishonest person. Ronnie NY, not Ray, posted that being an anonymous author was somewhat "sketchy". Ray said that if a person is not interested in making money on a book that s/he has authored it is possible to publish it online entirely without cost to either author or the reader. His point was that your assertion, not Temporal Recon's, was faulty. Now the fact is that the self-published book "Conviction of a Time Traveler" is $18.99 on Amazon. That's a mighty hefty price for a self pub. But if someone is willing to pay that price then good for TR. And he's made it very clear to us that if we want to know his "entire" story we have to pay to play, i.e. buy his book. There's nothing shady or unethical for an author to make a buck on his/her intellectual property. But for someone other than the author to assert in the name of the author that s/he isn't interested in making money on the book is a bit over the top given the facts. As to the "I know Titor...errrr....Temporal Recon better than you" argument: we've been there, done that and have the t-shirts. That was always Pamela's ploy vis-a-vis Titor. In this case TR is a big boy, is a Member of this forum and he can (and has) speak for himself. Those of us who have been around this site for somewhat more than a few months don't need to buy his book to make a judgement. He's posted here. He has a Facebook page. He had a website. Without spending the $18.99 we've read what he has to say in order to see how he ticks. We've known him for the past two years as an author. The opinions that Ray and I have of him are most definitely not uninformed.
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    Einst, you got my gag!!! Can't get anything past you...
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    I recommend a viewing of the video as a matter of course when interacting with the Ancient Astronaut Theory (I would say it gives an introduction to the Theory's arguments, follows with counter-arguments and as a side note also presents many interesting pieces of historical information from a general knowledge standpoint). It sounds like you yourself are already familiar with the salient points about much "evidence" of ancient astronauts being simply incorrect in terms of what is known by mainstream scientists, archaeologists and historians. I find myself in agreement with Chris White, who made the AADebunked documentary when he says that something strange could have occurred in the distant past, but I don't necessarily believe that alien visitation is the only explanation - oddities preserved in history, for example the "universal Nephilim myth" that crops up in various forms in many different mythologies, could come down to any number of things, from the mundane psychological phenomena, metaphor, or misinterpretation of events to the extreme possibility of divine or alien intervention.
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    [quote name='Dizzie']Thanks for taking up this cause, Cosmo. I was just thinking the other day about how the web, over the years, has grown an ever-expanding "unmarked graveyard" of sorts, in a way similar to the American small businesses landscape. Many entities seem only to exist in the memories of a few former patrons. There is certainly an incredible amount of web history in the Internet Archive. At the same time, it cannot be searched and lacks indexing by design (to my knowledge - perhaps no longer the case?) and is unlikely to be scoured by many. Here's hoping that there is still life left in this property for time travel enthusiasts! The crowdfunding campaign looks nice, I like your approach, and you certainly have my vote of confidence as a successor in charge. Let's try to treat Cosmo well![/QUOTE] D'aww; thanks guys! My thoughts exactly on the unmarked graveyard thing... Far too much of this kind of stuff has been lost to the ages, and it's not like all of this exists as a collection of pages in someone's spiral notebook that might get discovered in the attic by someone's grand kids or something. Once the server account gets turned off, this stuff is gone forever. When I was part of Time Travel Forum (which became Paranormal Network and then Paranormalis, I remember another, smaller time travel site that had been shut down (the name escapes me; @Num7 might remember) which had a lot of great conversation as well. There wasn't nearly as much there as there is here or on other sites, but they still had interesting conversations and had discussed things that made you think. Several people contacted them, but the database was deleted and everything was just gone. Not everything on the internet needs to stick around forever, and there's probably a lot on this site that wouldn't be missed very much, but the kinds of people a community like this bring together and the sort of conversations it provokes makes it all worth saving.
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    Thanks for taking up this cause, Cosmo. I was just thinking the other day about how the web, over the years, has grown an ever-expanding "unmarked graveyard" of sorts, in a way similar to the American small businesses landscape. Many entities seem only to exist in the memories of a few former patrons. There is certainly an incredible amount of web history in the Internet Archive. At the same time, it cannot be searched and lacks indexing by design (to my knowledge - perhaps no longer the case?) and is unlikely to be scoured by many. Here's hoping that there is still life left in this property for time travel enthusiasts! The crowdfunding campaign looks nice, I like your approach, and you certainly have my vote of confidence as a successor in charge. Let's try to treat Cosmo well!
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    Wouldnt it be ironic if an atheist scientist created a sentient program thus becoming the living proof of the very thing he denies? Tell THAT to your shrink.
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    We could try to simulate the altervu phenomena. All Titor really did was to get the participants to do something he suggested. Thus tying the participants to his timeline. For all we know, this could be some psychological phenomena that he knew about prior to posting the little experiment. Lets come up with some suggestions that everyone can agree on doing. Then we all will perform our own little altervu experiment to see if reality alters after participating.
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    So, Elon Musk wants to start experimenting with inserting a chip into a human brain and merging it with AI. He claims it will help people with brain injuries. Can you imagine if this gets into the hands of the wrong people? All these super hero movies will come true. https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/7xgnxd/elon-musk-announces-plan-to-merge-human-brains-with-ai?utm_source=vicefblocalau&fbclid=IwAR2Mh42GlFhOkAWQj_qnOLrSJpWjjWEqWHX776mfGNjOilN-_g7MDDytwnw
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    So you are saying that a back up brain would be surgically inserted to where my gallbladder was removed and then when I died the inserted brain would be removed and transplanted into someone elses host body? I want to make sure I understand. I'm assuming the purpose of this would be to store anything and everything that the host individual experiences or witnesses which continues to collect as it gets transplanted to more hosts. It's an interested idea but I do not think that a brain could function where other organs are located because the spinal cord and nerves would have to split or multiply somehow and work with this second brain. If this was plausible, how would the second brain be stopped if it tried to take over? This is a possibility since it has more knowledge from other hosts and is older let's say.
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    This was a great "stuck at home, sick" movie. I enjoyed it. I liked the twist in the end.
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    You go now. You be here 4 hour. (Old school comedian talking about a buffet). :roflmao: Actually, nobody noticed until you mentioned it. hehe
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    The virtual universality of these myths (try the term archetypal ) is another argument for the existence of a god. And you mentioned the flood, which may well refer to the catastrophic rise in sea levels which occurred about 11,000 years ago. Of course, the flood bears more on questions relating to global warming than on the existence of a god, but it does reinforce that the myths of the old testament are not just stupid nonsense. I recommend that anyone interested in the origins of human knowledge read Hamlet's Mill . The universal appearance of god images in human culture may not be a PROOF of the existence of a god, but it is a powerful hint. Intellectual arguments can only lead to the type of Deism so common during the "enlightenment". whereas specific beliefs come from either faith or revelation (which I tend to distrust, except, of course, when the revelations come to me, in which case they are always infallible).
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    Likely. You used the word likely! I swear you sound like the person we spoke of. LOL. Sorry. Off topic. ABC, we need to get rid of politicians, too. :)
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    ↑ i agree The android child is convincing enough? A person will fall back on human nature. Could a thinking machine emulating human emotion love a human child? It would certain meet a baby's needs. Beyond that, would there be a deeper bond?
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    I had no idea that there are VERY credible people out there who believe that everything we've been told concerning the positioning of planets in the universe is back to front ... and apparently claim that there is no science presently out there to disprove it! The makers of the film "The Principle" are postulating Geocentrism (earth is at the centre and all revolves around it) as a theory and are providing scientific evidence that the opposition (the Heliocentric model – earth revolves around the sun) has never been able to stand up to scientific proof) From my understanding – the mathematics/geometry of the two opposing theoretical systems are identical … and incredibly many heliocentric scientists admit to this !! … (and are recorded on film saying this before they later claimed that they were tricked into saying it! … dubbed from different sources, or plain wasn’t on the film) yes, stop and read that again !! …. which is astounding considering how dogmatically heliocentrism has been upheld as the ‘only’ viable theory. …. i.e -everyone has been taught from birth the heliocentric principle and it has been presented as undisputable fact in universities, schools etc. The film seeks to re-educate people showing them from a scientific viewpoint why heliocentrism isn’t the only viable theory and furthermore it explains why heliocentrism was quickly preferred over geocentrism… I was startled that anyone still believed in a central earth theory because I had been taught from primary school the heliocentric system. I was curious why people would want to think such a thing … but the more I looked into it I became flabbergasted (not necessarily because it’s true) but because the accepted model that we’ve been taught is nowhere as foolproof as a theory as we might have been lead to believe … and it’s the - right or wrong - genocentrics that have pointed this out by very sound research. The heliocentrics are fighting the geocentrics back by trying to put them into the same camp as flat-earthers. As mentioned, in 24hrs after the announcement of The Principle film there was a media smear against the makers of the film. WHY???Scientists who where saying stuff on camera which questioned the heliocentric model were coming out left right and centre claiming they had nothing to do with the film, they were tricked into being involved in it, their voices had been cleverly compiled from several clips etc etc etc …. The reason being – a scientist who questions the accepted heliocentric model is in danger of losing their career. Listen very carefully the language of the scientists who ‘told’ us from our junior school days that the heliocentrism system was an undeniable proven fact. I’m not saying it is or it isn’t … what I’m pointing out is the biased motivation of the scientific community…. Science by its very nature is supposed to be impartial and unbiased. Quote: … [such a condition would imply that] -- we occupy a unique position in the universe, analogous, in a sense, to the ancient conception of a central Earth...This hypothesis CANNOT BE DISPROVED, BUT it is UNWELCOME and would ONLY be accepted as a LAST RESORT in order to save the phenomena. Therefore we DISREGARD this POSSIBILITY.... the UNWELCOME position of a favoured location MUST BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS.... such a favoured position is INTOLERABLE...Therefore, in order to restore homogeneity, and to escape the HORROR of a unique position … etc etc .. [Edwin Hubble] I don’t really understand the science behind this at all but there is something called the cosmic microwave background – there shouldnt be any variations in it but to cut a very complex and long story short nasa has sent satellites up which have verified that the variation within the CMB points to the earth being the centre of the universe. I think they’ve sent up three or four now (waiting for a different result) Here are some links to view at your own pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I73hycfdViA From my limited understanding - The rewriting of history reveals that the RELATIONSHIP between the earth, sun, planets and moons are all identical in both the geocentric and heliocentric models ..... Apparently Einstein claimed this, many top (helio) scientists today admit this.... and have been caught on tape admitting it (the 'tape', or film being - The Principle) So one cannot prove either model from just observing the planetary system (eclipses etc). However one system had to be chosen because, they both cannot be correct. And how was the winning system chosen? .... was it by pure, unbiased, science ?? ---------reminder: - '' we DISREGARD this POSSIBILITY.... the UNWELCOME position of a favoured location MUST BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS.... ''. This is why I find this whole debate intriguing. I believe the heliocentric system, but I have no 100% definitive proof to offer that it is indeed the correct model/system.
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    Don't feel bad. My ads keep thinking I have a legal question. It makes me think I should be coming up with one. Hmmm. Who should I sue?
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    @Darby, @servantx, @Skarpz I realize I'm raising the dead with this bump, but I wanted to let you know that this should be PARTIALLY corrected at this point. I replaced the somewhat limited xenForo search with [URL='http://www.elasticsearch.org/overview/elasticsearch/']elasticsearch [/URL]which should both return more relevant results AND display results regardless of the post's age. On the advanced search page I still want to include a field for "Older Than" and an option to display things in ascending or descending order, but it should still be possible to find what you're looking for until then. PS - I'll try to make it take less than 2 years to reply next time.
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    I'd like to request that we not have general discussions in the Suggestions forum. I don't mind individual threads in other forums going off-topic, but given I have to keep an eye on all threads in all forums, it would make my job a lot easier if we kept things clean here (i.e. make a suggestion, we will consider/answer, and then move along to the other forums please). Please and thank you, RMT
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    Just pointing out with my compliments that this is pretty clever position to have, since it is unfalsifiable. In contrast to position which allowed time travel to the past, which invokes the question of how come we then haven't seen much evidence of it.
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    If you want to know what the future will really be like, watch the movie Idiocracy. It's the most accurate portrayal of the future I have ever seen.:)
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    Ah, so the first debunker has arrived huh, have you ever thought of the super-duper mega ray even for a second before making that post ? It is actually the timemachinish-field that CREATES the black and white effect on everything surrounding it. And as you can see in the picture, i am holding the remote to signify that i am turning it on. Now try to debunk THAT !
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    No I don't believe in reincarnation, as a Christian who was saved by Christ through exorcism, and who had been in the spiritual world, I tell you the truth. There is no reincarnation, but the devil tricks people to think they are someone else or other entities in the past. Reincarnation is a lie invented by the devil to make people think that they can "make it up" in the next lives. After people die, they go and be judged by God who is fair and loving, and those who rely on Jesus Christ who died on the cross for their sins will be forgiven and able to enter the Kingdom of God - heaven. God knows where Dominque is and we can trust Him who is in control. I will be praying for you. Lamentations 3:22-26, 31-33 22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; 23 they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. 24 “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” 25 The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. 26 It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. 31 For the Lord will not cast off forever, 32 but, though he cause grief, he will have compassion according to the abundance of his steadfast love; 33 for he does not afflict from his heart or grieve the children of men. Dear Lord, Please help us in this time of loss and overwhelming grief. We don't understand why our lives are filled with this pain and heartache. But we turn our eyes to you as we seek to find the strength to trust in your faithfulness. We will wait on you and not despair; we will quietly wait for your salvation. Our hearts are crushed, but we know that you will not abandon us forever. Please show us your compassion, Lord. Help us through the pain so that we will hope in you again. We believe this promise in your Word to send us fresh mercy each day. Though we can't see past today, we trust your great love will never fail us. Amen.
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