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    "The Planetary Society announced Wednesday that a small satellite it launched a month ago had successfully demonstrated the ability to change its orbit with a solar sail." This is pretty cool. We are learning how to steer satellites. It makes them more useful because you can move them elsewhere. They call it solar sailing. They're going to check out an asteroid with it. https://spacenews.com/planetary-society-declares-solar-sailing-mission-a-success/
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    Seems the merging of AI ( electronic / technology ) with humanity is inevitable. And the idea isn't really new. Transhumanism OMNI magazine had an article about a company trying to do the same thing as Musk, but with bio-chips. The idea was to develop biological computer chips that could grow into a human brain and provide a connection to a main frame. This article was published in the late 80's. Also there are some scientists working on the same idea with nanotechnology. The government, or a corporation, could ( and probably would ) control people through programming. Also would create a wide division between the have's and have-nots. How could anyone that does not have the technology compete against someone that does have it? If I could learn Mandarin Chinese by a quick download, and you can't, kind of put's you in a tough spot, doesn't it? What else could a AI equipped person do that a non AI person could not ?
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    You raise a good point. I had the same thought that we may not understand time at all. I compare time as if we were on a carousel and every event may affect a change in that time loop. If that is true then maybe future beings can jump off on the inside or outside of the time loop? Phil Corso's brother-in-law told me back in 1965 that our government was working with aliens on their technology that included time travel. At the time I was told this I did not believe him. Now my question is if a few folks have that technology what mischief would transpire? Ask yourself what you might do with that ability? Leo Zagami and Karen Hudes talk about such things.
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