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    what was your favorite childhood shows when you were younger? for me it has to be jakers, BB3B, Freefonix of course (no brainier) lol i cant forget mona the vampire and the time warp trio and stuff likes that i grew up in the 2000's it was the best time of my childhood i loved everything about childhood
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    Memory holed real quick. This blackpill is hard to swallow. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/jul/18/odom-pleads-guilty-to-gunning-down-coeur-dalene-pa/ >Be kyle Odom, biochemistry student with straight A's going for his bachelors, have military backround in marines with multiple badges and medals, one of them being pistol sharpshooter badge. >Start practicing meditation and mindfulness for stress, notice results. >Find out about opening chakras for spiritual results, why not. >Open chakras in wrong order, have obe. >Reptilian notices you, tricks you into fusing with his being, and tries to take over your body >nope the fuck out of there, wake up out of obe >reptilian has halfway fused with you, not having full control over you >go outside, notice you now have a sixth sense for bodysnatching reptoids >reptoids notice that you notice, send glow niggers to try to finish the process >glow niggers and reptoids torture you psychically, making you cum nonstop >reptoids try to indoctrinate you into christcuckery >finally have enough, write manifesto, empty extended mag of .45s into head pedo christ lizard. >get on plane to dc, throw manifesto on white house lawn, get tackled by secret service. What really gets me from a /k/ perspective is that he drilled that pastor with a 45 1911 from 5 feet away then unloaded again on him when he was down. You don't walk away from 45 rounds to the head at point blank, the hydrostatic shock alone would have jellied his brain. Yet in the news article on top said one of the bullets reportedly "penetrated his skull but missed his brain". That shit just doesn't fucking happen with a 45 hollow point. Not to mention the various other gunshot wounds that were inflicted. This guy walked out of the hospital the next day, hosting sermons next week. Link to full manifesto, not the butchered one you find on search engines: https://mega.nz/#!hgBT3C7B!Abcah7y7U_41ENJg37PRgEefEOryMh-__7NGdVgVxOc
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    Mister X is correct - A lot of TV shows take a piece like this and then compose their own arrangement. Just because it exists on a show doesn't mean its been released on a CD or iTunes somewhere.
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    Where did you grow up? I've never heard of any of those... I used to watch: Inspector Gadget G.i. Joe Transformers Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers Mr. Wizard Shows like that... Late Gen-X early Millennial stuff (though I refuse to consider myself a Millenial). Definitely not Power Rangers. That shit was stupid even then.
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