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    Hi everyone, welcome to Curious Cosmos. This site is a research and archival project for all things paranormal, fringe or otherwise outlandish. Like it says on the home page, we're about IDEAS and DIALOGUE, doing battle in the realm of logic and wit to get to whatever kernel of truth lies at the bottom of the fringe. All are welcome to join and post, but be sure you can articulate your point of view and don't take it personally if someone proves you wrong. Being wrong is how you learn be right. Embrace it. If you'd like to start your own group to research, archive or just discuss, feel free to do so. Groups allow you to create your own sub-community, similar to reddit, that you can run the way you like. The only caveats are: Your group must tie in with the theme of the site No public/open groups meant solely for adult or NSFW content An option to create private or unlisted groups is coming in the near future Other than that, be yourself. We have a couple other sites that interconnect with this one: Time Travel Institute is a site started by @Mop in 1998 or 1999, and he ran things until I purchased it from him in 2014. Those original forums are now available here in the Time Travel Institute Archives forum, and the original static pages will be put back up on the original domain in the coming weeks. Once TTI is back online, we'll be starting on our Chronobase project, a database of all things time travel related. Books, theories, schematics, claims, movies, etc. Finally, we also have Chronovisor which is a custom cataloging and arching tool built on top of the Wayback Machine's API. It allows easier searching and filtering than Wayback's tools, and makes discovering interesting stuff much easier. Right now, I'm using it to clean up and restore all the old Time Travel Institute posts, and in the future we'll incorporate other long-lost or dead sites such as: Art Bell's forums Anomalies.net Time Travel Portal Totse Zoklet.net etc. Restored threads will all have a tag indicating where that thread came from and a source list at the bottom of the first post for reference. Here's an example: We will eventually get some explainer pages and documentation on how to use everything up, but for now we're getting things set up and figured out. Expect some confusion. Feel free to click around and figure things out in the meantime, or message me for help.
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    im so glad this sites back ^_^
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    We are back 🙂 And Morey Haber is still probably John Titor.
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    ah thanks so much im looking forward to some more things going on ^_^
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    i saw it got takend down but im so so so glad its back up ^_^
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    ah i see thanks so much for explanation i hope the guy is ok now?? 🙂
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    Welcome back 🙂 Here's what happened when we closed the site: About a year ago, we had a bunch of people start sending threatening messages through the private message system and a few posted them publicly. Paranormalis (@Num7) was also getting stuff like this to an extent, but I don't think it was as bad there. Most of it just got deleted, but this was around the time a bunch of shootings and stuff were in the news that had all begun with people posting messages like that online. The site was pretty dead, and it wasn't worth keeping it online if the only activity we were getting was idiotic nonsense and threats of violence. We reported all threats to local authorities, one of which got us talking to the FBI... That's no fun. So I turned it all off after they had what they needed. Since then I've been able to figure out what kind of site this SHOULD be, and that helped me develop what you see here now. It turned out for the better, I think. TTI and Curious Cosmos needed a vision to move forward, and we didn't have that then. Now we do 🙂
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    My secret story first told May 2012:
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    I knew this family back in 1965 when I was given this info:
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    thanks its all working now what actually happend to the webiste i love the site it got taken down :(
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    What was expressed by Cosmo isn't because of just that one guy. Through-out the years, there have been ( and are ) quite a few people that seem to need psychiatric help, but instead wind up posting here contriving the dumbest theories imaginable. This site was created by science fiction FANS, not by some secret or not-so secret government agency. Pamela and "the network" is just one of many dumb convoluted imaginings that have had to be endured, and since we are simply science fiction FANS, who wanted to share our HOBBY with like minded people, it gets tiring having to get threatening emails and false accusations. TTI was created for entertainment purposes only, for FUN. You think having to contact the authorities because people who can't take responsibility for their own selves and deal with their own problems ( and most of em are - hard to believe - older adults ) is FUN? I've been a member with TTI almost since the beginning, and really dislike that this might be one of my last posts. There are a lot of good people that I met, and will miss interacting with them. Unfortunate that the irresponsible psycho's did indeed ruin something created by science fiction fans for science fiction fans. But as adults, most of us will MOVE ON with our lives. It's been quite a ride. I would like to thank Mop and Cosmo for all the time, effort and money they put into Time Travel Institute. And thank-you to all the friends made here through-out the years. To the psychos: The staff members here; we aren't part of any conspiracies. We're not government agents. We don't know any more than anyone else about any of the time travel claimants that have posted here, we're just men and women who wished to share our hobbies with other science fiction enthusiasts. And sorry to burst your bubbles, but Harry Potter isn't really a wizard. 😮
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    (if there are any Christians here plz dont be offend by this post a little heads up) my boyfriend who is demon told me a few weeks ago in my dream when i was sleeping told me this it was my birthday on 9th June which was now a little while ago and my BF decided to give me a birthday present and guess what it was it was a time travel watch it was the one like in ladybug cat noir the time braker episode, but it was glowing blue golden colour when he gave me it and silver colour he said this "when you die you can have it as a gift for being good and not telling your secrets to everyone" but i found out if you die and reincarnate you wont be able to keep it because your in someones body your (mothers) to be honst i seriously wanted to share what do you guys think about my BF's present its pretty cool right i know i should tell cause its such a secret to me but i have to tell you guys since your so epic on here (im really soz if i offended people) p.s if you want this post taken down plz contact the admins thanks in advance
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