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    @Gpa I welcome your questions and would love to furnish you a reply. But I'm sorry to say on this forum my comments are moderated. I would hate to sit typing out a lengthy reply only to be found its not approved. You would have thought looking at some of the remarks approved for inclusion to this thread that this wasn't the case.
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    [missing attachment] Worked like a charm. Don't know why you're having issues with uploading pictures. Will talk to Cosmo about it.
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    I've watched it twice. I liked it's approach, the story line was very good, and I wanted to be sure I didn't miss something. I hadn't. Third times a charm...
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    I though I posted some serious questions. I suppose the format was unfamiliar to someone from 2046 so I'll try again, in a more compendiary manner. You stated: Question 1 How do you know it existed if it was "lost"? You stated: Question 2 Why would you, or your superiors, believe it will exist in "this" T/L since this T/L was created when you entered it? To a question asked on another forum; "Do you know John Titor or heard of him? Does he exist in your timeline? You stated: Hello I'm from the year 2046 Since, again, your DToTT states a "new" time line IS created with each jump... Question 3 How do all of these time travelers keep ending up on this SAME time line? Thank you in advance for your answers.
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