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Best FTL argument I have ever seen

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In undergrad Modern Physics we studied electron tunneling in tunnel diodes. In electron tunneling the electron meets a barrier that should stop it but probabilistically occasionally the electron appears on the other side of the barrier, evidence indicates the electron never goes through the barrier, it simply appears on the other side, apparently spending "zero" time crossing the barrier. Keep in mind the electron is a massed particle, it cant obtain the speed of light, While the photon is massless and can only travel at the speed of light.


The argument is that this massed particle is superluminal velocity while crossing the barrier. A few comments from the link:


"results from experiments that he claims show that particles may travel faster than the speed of light (c) when undergoing quantum tunneling"


" 1994 Günter Nimtz and Horst Aichmann carried out a tunneling experiment at the laboratories of Hewlett-Packard after which Nimtz stated that the frequency modulated (FM) carrier wave transported the 40th symphony of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 4.7 times faster than light due to the effect of quantum tunneling"(Keep in mind this comment refers to massless photon, not massed electron)

"Chris Lee has stated that there is no new physics involved here, and that the apparent faster-than-c transmission can be explained by carefully considering how the time of arrival is measured (whether the group velocity or some other measure)."


"It was later claimed by the Keller group in Switzerland that particle tunneling does indeed occur in zero real time. Their tests involved tunneling electrons(massed), where the group argued a relativistic prediction for tunneling time should be 500-600 attoseconds (an attosecond is one quintillionth of a second). All that could be measured was 24 attoseconds, which is the limit of the test accuracy.[19] Again, though, other physicists believe that tunneling experiments in which particles appear to spend anomalously short times inside the barrier are in fact fully compatible with relativity, although there is disagreement about whether the explanation involves reshaping of the wave packet or other effects"


"Günter Nimtz' interpretation of the implications of these results represents a highly debated topic"


The actual link:


Günter Nimtz - Wikipedia

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