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Some links to time travel movie lists

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List of recommended sci-fi/time related movies and tv episodes, and one book.


Army of Darkness

Time Bandits

Demolition Man


Blast From The Past


The Fifth Element



TV episodes:

Red Dwarf-Backwards

Outer Limits-A Stitch In Time, 1996

Doctor Who-Blink episode


Michael Crichton Timeline (The Book, not the movie)


This might be a good opportunity to point out that although entertaining, and Drama and the need to relate to characters is all important in writing for TV and movies, that perhaps drama is the last thing one might wish to bring to the table, where real time travel is concerned.

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I thank you for your recommendations minus any soapbox, as the sole purpose of this section is entertainment.

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So our civilization goes forward from past to present or from present to future.


If some travelers do not remember what happened to them in past - try notebook.Going from future to present or past require enormous amount of energy that make impossible voyage luck of 2 Gigawatt of electricity.


So i am skeptic about time travelers from future - impossible. BACK TO FUTURE is good movie with very good actors.

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