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David Lewis Anderson's patent application

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This is David Lewis Anderson's Patent Application for a Time Reactor System:




Once a Patent application is filed for an invention which falls under the Invention Secrecy Order, it falls under the rule of law for National Security. If one wonders why David Lewis Anderson is not actively discussing his projects at this time, it is because the laws state that he could be imprisoned for doing so. He knew this when he filed, and had the foresight to release the Application at least.


He was probably feeling a little heat from the general public, and decided to take it more “underground” for the time being.


The following is some background on this Secrecy Act.


Congratulations- Your Genius Patent Is Now A Military Secret Bloomberg News Article




Wikipedia - Invention Secrecy Act:




Secrecy Order Program overview by the Federation Of American Scientists (FAS):




List of categories of patent applications reviewed for the invention secrecy order:




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David Lewis Anderson aside, more is lost than one's intellectual property when governments would have their citizenry believe themselves property.

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