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Unintentionally, I might have time travelled more than a few times. The number of times depends on whom is defining time travel. If one is talking about going from point A to point B in no time, then s/he might call one of the instances a time slip. That much about another’s and my suddenly being elsewhere, headed in the opposite direction, could have been better told while I was still inclined to discuss it.


Thankfully, I alone was harmed in a less lucky incident that also involved a vehicle. The cartoon, in hypertext below, indicates inadvertent outcomes https://img.ifcdn.com/images/a3f9d3481aae894466e7d13846775d347d720ad1e7a0501e82f8a5839a5766c3_1.jpg of my weather-related accident. The near death experience (NDE) that somehow left an indelible impression upon me is something else that I’ve inadequately described, but for reasons beyond me.


Christians are prohibited by Revelation 22: 18-19 from speaking about any ‘new Earth.’ Respectfully, I am not alone in taking exception to the book’s inclusion in the bible mainly on account of its author’s presuming God’s authority by claiming Jesus shall return as someone other Himself and, thereby, implying it possible to improve on Perfection-- Revelation-101 lists theological problems in this prophecy & 4 big myths of Book of Revelation – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs


Nonetheless, I am dissuaded for many reasons from divulging my unusual link to the past in regard to what I’ve witnessed in the future. And, because mine isn’t a typically bleak perspective of mankind’s prospects, that is a shame. Worse, because my predicament, bible wise, is likely that of countless futuristic writers, mankind tends to get stuck with the dismal outlooks of those whose minds ought to be more inventive. And that is a great tragedy for the masses whom susceptibly except doom as any kind of destiny to which to be bound, as though Armageddon were any kind of destination for which to be headed, much as an archer’s arrow, according to sights set.

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I spent about 20 years to educate myself.


When I was in ten grade was able to read books about nuclear physics.


Many local students knew only names of new games or solve fraction problem.


Different universe.Uneducated individuals with high ambitions.

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Thank you for your opinion, which doesn't change the fact that many highly educated physicists have grounds to believe there a multiverse.


Insofar as are concerned time slips, they are hard to accept even for those whom experience them. They don't make sense. That is why my spouse, dismayed by our suddenly being far away and headed in the opposite direction, wanted to talk himself out of believing the seeming impossible. Our double checking the time, which ruled out our having absent-mindedly arrived at that location by conventional travel, and my reminding him of our mutual astonishment while reading aloud the road signs until we could regain our bearings convinced him otherwise.


Believe as will you for, while it is too personal to explain, his and my concurrent will factored into accepting our heading as a directive to relocate.


That I believe in Providence is cause for me to contemplate Divine Will in connection with personal will for, even if there are many worlds, choice is always a matter of accountability to Him. In Him, all things are possible. And it is in Him I hope to forever dwell, as I long to be delivered from evil. Therefore, think me crazy, but I am unmotivated to deceive anyone.

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