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Consciousness and Time Travel

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Let's discuss consciousness and time travel.



Two people are in a time machine traveling to the future together. 



Are two separate timelines created, one for each person's consciousness, or are they both traveling on the same timeline?



If a time traveler is traveling alone, did he create a timeline within his very own consciousness and not within the people that

didn't travel with him?  Is this why he experiences the time travel and people "back home" do not?  Or do they?


Is consciousness irrelevant and only a physical thing?  Personally, I do not believe this because of one thing: Perception.

The time traveler can perceive the change in time.  If this weren't the case, he'd be oblivious to the whole event as if nothing happened at all.  He is AWARE the time travel occurred.  Is this not consciousness? 



On the flip side, you could send a rock through time with a time machine and that rock has no self awareness or consciousness.

If it arrives at the other time, it indeed time traveled.  The only awareness would be if people or animals witnessed the rock's arrival as well as the awareness of the person who sent the rock through time.



So, what is your opinion? Does consciousness play a role in time travel? 

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I think it does.  Perhaps "time waves" are those series of unfortunate or fortunate events, that suddenly, seemingly for no reason, these events occur.  I was thinking about it, but perhaps, this type of thing is a time wave or the result thereof.  I have no scientific proof or anything to offer for my theory, it's just a thought.  I think the experiences would be the same.  Kind of like being trapped in an elevator, the same basic experience, but one guy may panic, while the other guy lights up and waits for the mechanic.  

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