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Tippler Cylinders(Read fully before commenting or dismissing)

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' Tipler cylinder, also called a Tipler time machine, is a hypothetical object theorized to be a potential mode of time travel—although results have shown that a Tipler cylinder could only allow time travel if its length were infinite or with the existence of negative energy ' - Wikipedia entry on Tipler cylinder.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tipler_cylinder



'In recent years, some physicists have suggested that rather than having one universe with one set of physical laws, string theory may lay the foundation for the possibility of the existence of innumerable "pocket universes," each with its own landscape of physical laws. ' -String theorist at Stanford interview(http://news.stanford.edu/news/2005/march2/aaas_susskindsr-030205.html)



I'm sure we all know what a pocket universe is, whether it be from the famous British sci-fi series 'Doctor Who' or from other shows such as 'Lost' or simply from studying the world of physics online or at school(s). The two references above will help with some understanding. Please note this is a POSSIBLE proof for time travel TO THE PAST ONLY! I'm sure the future is already proven, we all know moving near the speed of light causes one to move forward in time, simple enough without getting into quantum mechanics and the like. However the past can be a bit trickier. After trolling around YouTube and the internet for a couple of hours one night, I stumbled across a FilmTheory episode, analyzing the possibility of the existence of a Time Lord from the aforementioned 'Doctor Who'. During this episode they reference two people who wrote an article on the possibility of the Tardis, the time and space traveling unit from the show. Anyways, the duo bring up an item called a Tipler cylinder, which piqued my interest and so naturally I did some more research. I think combined, on all my research on time travel, forwards backwards, resistors and energy, space travel and even teleportation and abnormal speed for a human, I've spent over a couple hundred of hours on my work. This goes to show I have the qualifications  to explain this stuff. Before we go on, I'm 14, but have an IQ of 158, and have studied college math and computer science and theoretical physics since primary school. I'm just as qualified as necessary if not more than many people on this site. Now please, don't be so ignorant as the others and hear me out, if nothing else, and then criticize me then, tell me whats wrong with the theory so I can improve. Basically, without getting way too into the details(they are rather complex for some very highly educated individuals, example my father who has a PhD in Theoretical Physics) it looks like a cylinder around a long tube, and if you orbit it in such a way you travel to the past. However, Hawking disproved this idea, stating that it'd be impossible if said Tipler cylinder had infinite length or with the existence of negative energy(quote above). This is where the previous idea of a pocket universe comes into play. With a pocket universe on the playing field now, where the laws of physics are not how we see them, and instead are devised by a mad man almost, a Tipler cylinder of infinite length is possible, as is negative energy. Anything is possible, the laws of physics can be rewritten in our favor, or better yet there may be no need. In conclusion, Tipler cylinders can bring us to the past(this currently does not bring into play the technology needed to get into a pocket universe or orbit the Tipler cylinder, but then again that's theoretical physics!), but they cant be real because they dont have infinite length or there is no negative energy. But in a pocket universe, a universe between the membrane of two universes, the laws of physics do not apply nearly as much, and therefore such an idea is not only possible, but its possible its already happened. Signing off - Jakob

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I have been looking into the how of the tipler cylinder. But couldn't find any great sources. I would like to see a good visual explanation of it.


It's sounds like you are refrencing the membrane as in string theroy. I could be wrong. But the only constant is the inconsistencies. In an alternate pocket, the laws of science here might not apply.

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