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Dark Matter

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Hi All,



It's been a while since I've posted...Glad to see TTI still here.



Thanks in advance for any sharing of thoughts/input..Long short of this post is what was shown on 6/4/2016..Happens sporadically with me where information is shared through dreams...I don't understand any of it at all. Interesting to say the least.



& Sorry in advance for jumping all over, it's what was scribble from my recall so I didn't forget when I woke up. No one else around me would appreciate this or care, so I know here it would be.



I was asked if I under stood what expansion & combustion was...My first reaction was who are you? It was knowledge but came in a form I would relate to? A female. Like a q&a session..



Stating no, I was just shown instead of verbal explanations..This is what I saw & how I can describe what I took away from it all.



Smallest things smaller then even a pin head, things you don't see with the naked eye have energy..so much energy that even when they leave a space like a room or air the energy is mass & massive..Heavy & it reads like volume even though nothing is there any more or what created it is gone. Like space junk. She linked it to junk DNA, we don't know it's value so we assume it's not relative but it serves purpose I was shown. From what I checked on my own on the net, it's also called dark energy?



Also, everything has a cause & effect..Shown to me, you can't have something from nothing..Big bang..the universe pulls like a magnet all things, from gases, thoughts & the like. Imagine a box as it fills it gets over loaded & pops open. What if the universe isn't infinite? Like a box that fills & gets empty to just get refilled again. So far out in the distant, google placs infinity. There is expansion but to a degree. A box has closures....Burst! Thoughts don't even get lost, memory not lost. Our minds can't conceive in this reality what the universe does..It recycles everything. It's a coping mechanism to equate what we view but there are other out comes, interpretations depending on from where viewed & who or what is viewing object or even circumstances. I saw a human embryo, early stages split & so fast it's coded like atoms so if one atom was in Alaska & the other in China, what bonds & transfers communication is like a wireless passing of info. Like twins. They don't need to be side by side..Intuition, superstition?  When energy is released it makes for faster travel..As any matter leaves a deposit, it allows an imprint left or marker & enabling its self to self propel & become smaller & faster. Volume isn't messaged the same way we perceive it to be in this dimension. Causing a problem for growth & advancement. I took from it, we're in the box & codes kind of dictate things..Randomness wasn't the vibe I was getting when the universe & us are concerned. Warped, intermingled meshing.



Thanks again for any input..

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Wow, I like your dreams.



Not a scientist, but what your dream describes dark matter and quantum entanglement mixed with a Buddhist view of life.



I'm trying to learn the same thing, and looking for answers here as well.

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TY, U...



DM & QE all very confusing & interesting at the same time...



Not very familiar with Buddhism but I'm curious since you mentioned it. (I'll read up on it.)



Best Wishes to you & there is so much info. out there but I'm sure you'll find that here is more user friendly than most sites...This portal is my favorite.

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