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    We are a paranormal research community for those with a severe passion for the absurd, strange, and outlandish. We're about IDEAS and DIALOGUE, doing battle in the realm of logic and wit to get to whatever kernel of truth lies at the bottom of the fringe. We love discussing weird, crazy, and impossible things, but those unwilling to have their ideas challenged should turn back now.

    Curious Cosmos is also home to Chronovisor, our custom Wayback Machine cataloging/discovery tool used in our internet archeology projects. Our goal is to revive those lost conversations and ideas for others to research and enjoy, as well as preserve and archive internet subculture of the early 2000s.

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    • I agree with you. More than likely the technology will end up being used for nefarious purposes.  I believe most people have an inherent desire for immortality.   If becoming a machine causes people to believe it is a step towards that goal, then they'll take it.   Also, as mentioned, as soon as a few people accept the transhuman device as Musk proposes, others will have to do it to be competitive.  Eventually such a thing may be required to have any kind of a 'normal' life within the civilization of the time.       
    • Not a good idea. Most of our science is constructed from theoretical make believe.
    • Was given a link to an article entitled, " Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere..." .   I read the article and my first thought was along the lines of , " What could possibly go wrong?"   .    Bill Gates is helping fund an effort to create a barrier made of dust ( calcium carbonate ) around the Earth.  The plan is that this barrier will deflect enough rays and heat from the Sun and allow cause planet to cool down.    According to sources on-line, they've already conducted experiments using ice.    Obviously, the dust will not remain in the atmosphere and settle onto the surface of Earth.  What will the dust do to the oceans , lakes and rivers?   What happens to the air we breathe?  And if it does turn out to be a disaster, what can be done to reverse it?  Also get a bit angry, what right does one man have to do something that will effect all of Earth?  Do most other countries agree with and are going along with this idea?  And what happens if there is a major volcanic eruption that contributes additional material to the barrier, what then? Hmm, I don't think this is a good idea.  You?  Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere  
    • If everyone will remember with me... it it was my wife’s passing that I left here. its been 10 years ,Jan 25.2009   KerrTexas was a solid support at the time and I will always remember him for it. also like to say hi to Einstein and  HDRKid (lol)   Paula was receiving a regular bashing daily,back then, and I see the tradition continues. I did get to speak to her quite a lot back then and have missed our conversation.
    • You can always GREP through the text files and see if any of the header info(or dates) pop up. —————- I'm truly not as fascinated with the entire TITOR story line than I was with the science behind it all. if it wasn’t for RMT and Darby I never would have ever been able to wrap my mind about it.
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